Seeing Past The Sex Appeal of International Women

Unfortunately, the hype isn’t real. Luckily, there are real women looking for real men. They’re just not 25 year old models. I get it, and I hope you’ll get it by the time you finished this article. Since falling in love is not a straightforward thing to do, we want to help you learn a […]

Warning! Danger, Will Robinson

It was always a tense moment in the 1960s hit TV series Lost in Space when the Robot would announce, “Warning! Danger Will Robinson!” You knew something scary like Russian dating scams was coming Will’s way whenever his protective robot would shout that warning! And Dr Smith was usually nearby sniveling with fear.  That’s how […]

We Believe In Romance! You Can Believe In Global Romance Too!

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This is a safe place for Hopeless Romantics! Just need to get that out. Angela and I want to create a place where everyone can share their opinions. We want everyone to share their stories and learn from each other. I had an epiphany last year about the International Dating industry. The epiphany was this:  […]