Global Romance

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Global Romance?

Global Romance is an educational and research company. We are not a mail order bride site like a marriage agency, romance tour company, dating website, or a website that introduces you to women through writing letters.

We write books and educational materials that teach you about the international mail-order bride industry, dating scams to avoid, marriage agencies, matchmakers, tour companies, and other useful educational materials.

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You can learn more about us by visiting our About page.


2. What Does “Don’t Travel Alone – We Have Your Back” mean?

“Don’t Travel Alone – We Have Your Back” is our “tagline” which is a fancy marketing way of saying the promise of our service that our company provides.

We want to build a community of married international couples who have been through the international dating process using different dating strategies, and from their stories, extract the best dating practices that will help you win. We also want our community to include single men and women who have been dating internationally looking for their ideal spouse. We believe that you can learn from those who have not yet been successful, especially when these people have learned from negative experiences that can be avoided by future international daters.

You can learn about our dating philosophy and recommendations by visiting our Dating Blog page.


3. How Do You Make Money?

We sell books and educational materials. We accept donations. And the only affiliation that we have with any company is Amazon. We are an Amazon Affiliate which means if you click a link on our webpage to check out one of the many books that we recommend, Amazon pays us a very small percentage of any book that you purchase. This doesn’t cost you any more. Amazon gets paid by you for the purchase. Then Amazon gives us a little cash for bringing you (the customer) to their website.

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We are not affiliated with any marriage agency, dating website, or tour company. We are independent of all of these types of companies so that we can bring you the best, unbiased information about companies, dating strategies, and websites.


4. How You Can Support Us

There are several things that you can do to support us.

First, please join our community. Go to the following link and register.

Second, if you do buy one or more of our books, please go to the website where you purchased it and leave us your honest opinion. If you haven’t bought one of our books, consider buying us a coffee.

Third, go to our social media pages and like us. Join into the conversations. Your opinion matters. And don’t forget to tell your friends!

And finally, share your story with us. Participate in our surveys and share your story with us.



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